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Healthy food choices to one person may not be healthy in the next person’s eyes. Healthy drinking is no different. In this article we are going to touch on healthy drinking in all forms. Healthy drinking starts with water. Good ol’ H2O should be our go- to beverage when we need to quench our thirst. Water supports all of our cells, tissues, and organs while regulating our body temperature and aiding in eliminating waste. There is no doubt about it, no matter what your views are on drinking healthy, water is on the list. Tea and coffee are healthy options, some more than others for both categories, but mostly they are not too shabby. Tea has less caffeine per cup than coffee, and there are different types of tea like sleepy tea, tea for when you are sick, fruity tea, green tea, white tea… the list goes on. Coffee can be served in many different forms, but there are not different flavors of coffee or espresso unless you “dress it up” with flavored syrups. The difference in coffee is how you serve it. Black coffee, latte, Americano, whatever tickles your fancy. Caffeine is good for us, but in a limited amount daily. You don’t want to drink a pot of coffee because it is not good for your liver to process that much caffeine in one day, and you will most likely feel anxious and restless.

Healthy Drinking tips from Anne's Kombucha

Another favorite is coconut water, which has become very popular over the last couple of years. The reason for its popularity is because it hydrates you better than water. Coconut water has more potassium than a banana and can counteract things like hypertension. Depending on what type or brand you purchase, it has little or no sugar, sodium, and zero calories. If you are looking for a healthy alcoholic beverage, try adding coconut water to your drink to sweeten it up, and hydrate you at the same time! Another good idea is to try adding Anne’s kombucha to your champagne or your martini for a little different taste with some healthy drinking benefits! Wine is going to be your best alcoholic choice when it comes to healthy drinking because it will keep your friendship with the scale, can improve your memory, and it doesn’t have a ton of sugar added to it. It is important to remember that too much of something can turn bad, if we overindulge. Other options for healthy drinking are veggie and 100% fruit juice, and a few types of milk. Of course there are more options we did not cover, but if you would like to learn more about drinking healthy visit our site at!


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