Our Story

Health and longevity have always been a fascination of mine.  Out of this passion I have created:


Years of extensive research have been invested related to natural health products, especially in optimizing the recipe for this unique blend of fermented probiotic tea.  ANNE’s KOMBUCHA is the first Kombucha Tea on the market with infused organic flower essences which support the body on an energetic level.  Only the finest organic ingredients and flower essences are utilized in the production of ANNE’s KOMBUCHA to maximize the health benefits to your body, mind and soul.  All manufacturing and bottling is performed under my direct supervision at ANNE’s KOMBUCHA facility located in La Jolla, California.

Together with my colleagues involved in this health promoting endeavor, we all share the same vision and passion.

Enjoy this healthy energizing drink!     Kombucha


The logo of ANNE’s KOMBUCHA features a version of the Japanese (Kanji) Character of Longevity.

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