The Dangers of Energy Drinks

Since their first emergence in the mid-nineties, energy drinks have become a $5.4 billion market. As their popularity has surged, so has the realization of how dangerous energy drinks can be. In 2009 alone, energy drink consumption was linked to 13,114 ER visits, an astounding ten times the number for 2005, says a new report issued… Continue reading The Dangers of Energy Drinks

Vita Coco VS. Anne’s Kombucha

Last month, we looked at the pro’s and con’s of Gatorade and Anne’s Kombucha. This ended in a Kombucha victory because of it’s numerous amounts of health benefits. This month we will be putting Vita Coco to the test. Coconut water has long been a popular drink in the tropics, especially in India, Southeast Asia,… Continue reading Vita Coco VS. Anne’s Kombucha

Gatorade VS. Anne’s Kombucha

1965, Gatorade has been the revolutionary “sports drink” for athletes around the world. What you may not know is that Kombucha has been around since the Tsin Dynasty (221 BC) and was said to have magical powers enabling people to live forever. Although that isn’t true, it is valued for its harmonizing effects on the… Continue reading Gatorade VS. Anne’s Kombucha

Anne’s Kombucha : Cranberry Lime

  Have you ever heard of kombucha? Note: If you have ever purchased kombucha, you would have noticed that you grabbed it from the refrigerated section. Thus, I strongly suggest that you serve and drink it cold as well. Also, there will be some residue on the bottom, so do shake gently. Tilt the bottle a… Continue reading Anne’s Kombucha : Cranberry Lime

What Is Kombucha??

  The Kombucha mushroom, a fermented yeast enzyme tea, is thought to originate in Asia during the Chinese Tsin dynasty in 212 BC.  This Eastern Tea was referred to as the Remedy for Immortality or the tea of Immortality.  With the extension of trade routes it spread to India and Russia through travelers and traders. … Continue reading What Is Kombucha??